Good Friday & Overcoming Obstacles

I teach college students online and it is not uncommon for a student to have life struggles in the mist of reaching toward academic goals and to reach out to me as the instructor. I just responded to such a message which I have included below. However after reviewing it the Holy Spirit flashed the Cross Equals Love image in my mind. Below is the image. It has been a running theme at the church I attend.

Cross Equals Love - COG 2

This may sound a bit convoluted but The Cross, our life struggles and obstacles, is that which we as Christians are told to pick up and follow Jesus. Not that we would not have obstacles and life struggles if we didn’t follow Jesus but that we now have the opportunity to set Godly goals and respond to these challenges in abeyance to God’s Will. This is where the presence of the Cross equates to Love, reaching the goal of a life pleasing to God by aligning our life and setting our goals in accordance to God’s Will. Then overcoming the obstacles presented in a way that brings Glory & Honor to God and in so doing reaching higher states of gratification for achieving Godly goals (a God honoring life).

It seems to me that often as we strive to walk by faith, trust in Jesus and follow His path that life obstacles get in our way, much like the raging storm which distracted Peter while he was walking on water with Jesus.

  1. First, the storm was present when Peter got out of the boat to walk on water to reach Jesus.
  2. Second, while focusing on Jesus, Peter was walking on the water!
  3. Third, while walking on the water Peter allowed the storm to distract him; losing his focus on Jesus, fear entered his heart and he started to sink into the water.
  4. Fourth, as Peter started to sink into the water, he cried out to Jesus and Jesus immediately reached out to Peter and brought him to safety.

I wonder how often after the ascension of Jesus did Peter while working through the challenges presented to him, did he reflect on that water walking experience. (See Matthew 14:22-23)

Good Friday is a few days passed, a day when Jesus death on the Cross for our (my) sins has a stronger more intense presence in my mind. I think of the obstacles Jesus and the early Apostles not only must have endured but overcome. I think of them now in the presence of God for all eternity in fellowship. I imagine them smiling, laughing, joyful and gratified for having reached the goal walking by faith in the truth, light, and life of Jesus Chris our LORD!

Response to my student:

Good morning, I appreciate the update and may all be well with you and your mom. It is important to remember in times like these what drives us toward our goals. Obstacles often occur on our journey toward goals which are worthwhile and meaningful to us, challenging us to prioritize and find balance among those priorities. If we are able to find our path and work through it then that makes reaching our goals even more gratifying.


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